A+ Parent ​Testimonies:

We love Kids In Motion academy. they use so many different approaches to learning to help each student grow.

The christain atmosphere, the wonderful loving staff, the small class sizes makes this school such a wonderful place.- Sandy

Kids In Motion Academy has been an amazing experience.  the environment is so positive and welcoming.  If someone gets hurt or sad children run up and make sure they are okay and even pray for them. if they neEd it. - Melissa

"We are particularly pleased with the life skills, the devotion to God and the passion our child has for learning at school.Your staff integrates God and Faith into the curriculum, which is much more than just test results. We thank you for making this a priority. 

Just wanted you ALL to know that 8 months ago we thought our son had a learning disability. We thought it would be a good idea to bring him to Kids In Motion Academy. Just recently, I was so excited when I took him into his 3 year checkup and was asked by his doctor,"WHERE is he going to school?" She was impressed that "he knew his colors, numbers, letters, and shapes, could spell his name and knew the fruits of the spirit!"...this is all within two months! The doctor announced… "I am highly recommending Kids In Motion Academy to my patients!" 

​Our family has had a wonderful experience at Kids In Motion Academy! The school’s approach to learning and engaging the whole child spirit, soul and body has caused our children to blossom and grow. They provide small classes, a positive and fun environment along with progressive structure that has helped create a love for learning in our children. My children associate learning with joy! The clear expectations and standards set for the students have resulted in greater confidence and an excellent work ethic in our kids, they love being challenged.

Our children are in an environment where learning, love for God, respect for others and making good choices are valued. We appreciate the biblical standards that are such an integral part of each day at the school. It is a great reinforcement to what we as parents are teaching at home. 

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