Kids In Motion Activities

02Children and adults learn 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, and 40% of what they do, and 90% when using all three.

Most schools operate solely on visual and auditory methods. At “Kids in Motion Academy” we learn and retain by using all three modalities.

We use music and motion to learn phonics and mathematical concepts, We also weave Bible, Science, and Social Studies  into our curriculum.

Our  recent student test results rank our students in the top 10% of the Nation.


05Our students engage in daily sports and gymnastics. The curriculum is geared to develop physical fitness, focus, coordination, stress reduction and self-esteem.

According to Glenn Doman’s book… “Teaching Your Baby To Read”, preschool gymnastics helps children learn to read.

Our school has produced both state and regional champions in gymnastics.

The increased self esteem and concentration also creates an environment for  “Fast Track” learning.

Kids in Motion Academy’s nurturing staff fosters a love for learning and life long success.

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Daily Routine Includes

  • Creative Play
  • All school devotion and prayer
  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting
  • ​Mathematics
  • Integrated studies of science and social studies
  • Circle time: literature and songs
  • Computer and tablet lab
  • ​Library and research
  • Out door play (weather permitting)
  • Indoor sports
  • ​Gymnastics
  • ​Drama (seasonal)