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2014-2015 Kids In Motion Supply List

Kids in Motion Academy is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International.) and DHS State Certified. We utilize music in every area, "Montessori" style Math, Sing Spell Read and Write, Abeka Reading, character building through the Bible, gymnastics, art, drama, sports and much more. We believe in creating a children's world where play is an integral part of learning. Register now for Kids in Motion Academy full day Preschool, Fast Track Kindergarten and 1st grade!


Parent Testimonials

"We are particularly pleased with the life skills, the devotion to God and the passion our child has for learning at school.Your staff integrates God and Faith into the curriculum, which is much more than just test results. We thank you for making this a priority. Everyone at SSB Kids! and Kids In Motion Academy should be proud of the impact you are having on our young children."